That Far Greater Bay

That Far Greater Bay
By: Ray Guy Category: Humour
Imprint: Flanker Press Format: Paperback Pubdate: May 2011

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ISBN-10: 1897317743 ISBN-13: 9781897317747

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That Far Greater Bay is the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal winning collection (1977) of Ray Guy’s best and most vitriolic articles that have appeared in newspapers and magazines countrywide. Aunt Cissy Roach, Sylvester Codpiece, and other immortal characters make their long-awaited encores, and even Premier Joey Smallwood returns for more punishment from a master satirist at the top of his game. Of course, no collection of Ray Guy’s works would be complete without his stories of sentiment on outharbour life and days long past.

"This stuff is short and sharp, and funny, terrifically funny." Newfoundland Quarterly
"Hilariously funny . . ." Globe and Mail
"[That Far Greater Bay is] a fine, solid piece of work and as amusing now as it was then, replete with outharbour juvenile delights, hippie traps, Aunt Cissy Roach and all the usual suspects." The Telegram
"Just about anyone can be funny. But to make weapons out of words and ideas – to hone them at will to lacerate, knick, or tickle -- takes an altogether distinct gift. \\\'That Far Greater Bay\\\' shows Ray Guy at the height of his powers, and they show that even the subtlest touch can lay bare even the most uncomfortable and unattractive truths; truths about the way we think and the way we live at our silliest and most contemptible." The Georgian