Saltwater Joys

Saltwater Joys
Imprint: Pennywell Books Format: Paperback Pubdate: August 2012

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ISBN-10: 177117028X ISBN-13: 9781771170284

Saltwater Joys is perhaps one of the most popular and well-known songs to come out of Newfoundland and Labrador. Written by Wayne Chaulk of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, the song is a celebration of the simple pleasures of outport life.

This beloved song is now available in book form, with Dawn Baker’s stunning illustrations capturing the joys of living in Newfoundland. From enjoying quiet mornings in the cove, to admiring icebergs in the spring and brightly coloured leaves in the fall, to breathing in the salty ocean smells and watching the sun set over the water, the words to the song come alive within these pages.

Complete with sheet music at the back, Saltwater Joys is as beautiful as the song that inspired it.

- Shortlisted for the 2014 Heritage and History Book Awards, Children’s/YA Literature Category

"With lively tales, engaging illustrations, and a dash of sprightly music, [Saltwater Joys] honour[s] the grand tradition of Newfoundland storytelling." Quill and Quire
"Chaulk and Baker has done a great job on bringing this beloved song to a whole new generation." Resource Links
"The idyllic illustrations bring to life the landscape and kindness of the people who inhabit the town that the narrator loves and holds dear to his heart. The words and the images work together to paint an ideal life on the east coast where peace can be found by the water. The vibrant colours in the illustrations bring to life the spectacular views of the sunsets and the seasons experienced by the young protagonist in his everyday home life in Newfoundland." CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"Dawn Baker's bright, colorful illustrations are beautiful and detailed, and suited to the text; they reflect [Wayne] Chaulk's lyrics lovingly." Western Star
"The resulting artwork is beautifully vibrant, grounding each lyrical gem in a time and place that feels like home . . . even if you've never been there." Atlantic Books Today
"Baker's illustrations and the lyrics were made for each other. The book is inspired by the song of the same name Chaulk wrote from the 'beal of the point' in his beloved Newfoundland hometown of Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay, and the breathtaking soft pastel drawings reflect it." The Telegram
"This delightful version of the famous NL song works well as a bedtime story. Its main appeal is the gentle pictures which show traditional NL activities and typical scenic landscapes." Jury, 2014 Heritage and History Book Awards