Peter Cashin: My Fight for Newfoundland

Peter Cashin: My Fight for Newfoundland
Imprint: Flanker Press Format: Paperback Pubdate: November 2012

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ISBN-10: 1926881869 ISBN-13: 9781926881867

Peter Cashin was at the centre—the stormy centre—of Newfoundland’s political and public life for more than thirty years. Known to many as “the fighting Major,” in a tribute to his wartime service with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, he played a decisive role at every major stage in the political drama that transformed Newfoundland from a British Dominion to a Canadian Province.

Peter Cashin wrote a memoir soon after he retired from public life in 1953. Part of it was published shortly before he died in 1977, but it is only now that his account of the years between 1919 and the end of his life has been published. Cashin wrote every word of the memoir, and it is presented in this book just as he wrote it. This is Peter Cashin’s story in his own words, and in his own voice. A man with strong views, he minced no words. The memoir rings with praise for those whom he admired and condemnation for those whom he did not. Frank, fearless, and forceful, he fought against anybody and everybody who threatened the future of his country and his people. Governors, prime ministers, politicians, judges, priests, and merchants—it mattered not to him who they were, but what they stood for.

Peter Cashin cared passionately about Newfoundland and her people. He is one of the giants of our past, a man who dominated the public forum during some of the most crucial years in our history. He is the last of the great men of that era to tell his story. Peter Cashin: My Fight for Newfoundland is an account of the most important years of his life by a man who put Newfoundland and her people at the centre of that life. Anybody who is interested in who we are and how we got to be what we are will be enthralled by it.

#5 on the Globe and Mail (Canadian Non-Fiction) Bestseller List (June 23, 2012)

"This is heroin for the political junkie, meat and drink for the historian, and a lively read for those, like me, who remember some of the people and events he conjures up and eviscerates." The Telegram
"A fascinating glimpse into the colourful political career of a consummate patriot; a detailed, unbridled account of one man’s incredible, seemingly unending, efforts to help Newfoundland maintain its independence." The Telegram
"Cashin — ‘not a man to mince words,’ Roberts says — is the last of the great men to tell their story of a crucial era in our province's history. This is a document of enduring value, which will go a long way towards filling a lacunae among the many books about Newfoundland and Labrador that have appeared in the last 25 years." The Compass
"Candid, absorbing, illuminating." Irish Loop Post
"Here is the authentic voice of Peter Cashin." Dorchester Review
"The Flanker Press edition is the result of several years of research by former Lieutenant Governor Edward Roberts. His notes and explanations of the background to people and events Cashin mentions give the book a value beyond the reminiscences of a man who played a pivotal role in Newfoundland politics in the 1930s and 1940s." The Sir Robert Bond Papers Blog
"Cashin writes with an easy authority that makes it clear why he was considered such a gifted orator. The prose thunders along, managing to sound both intimate and designed for a larger stage." Downhome
"Cashin's voice rings through the text as though we were listening to him. At times considered, just as often bombastic, his rhetoric is effective and certainly memorable." Newfoundland Quarterly
"This is must–and intriguing–reading for anyone interested in Newfoundland's political history." Atlantic Books Today
"A memoir of enduring value." This Land magazine