Over by the Harbour

Over by the Harbour
Imprint: Pennywell Books Format: Hardcover Pubdate: May 2014

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ISBN-10: 1771173327 ISBN-13: 9781771173322

Inspired by the classic counting rhyme Over in the Meadow, author Dwayne LaFitte and illustrator Thérèse Cilia have created Over by the Harbour, a modern adaptation set in outport Newfoundland and Labrador. Children will enjoy learning to count and rhyme while discovering some of this province’s most recognizable animals in their natural habitat. With charming verses and beautiful watercolour illustrations, Over by the Harbour is sure to become a storytime favourite!

  • The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids & Teens Fall 2014 Selection
"Over the Harbour is poetic. It flows from word to word easily and still keeps the attention of a child. Paired with beautiful watercoloured sceneries and families of native creatures, the words and pictures combine for an insightful and enjoyable cultural journey across the province." Tint of Ink
"Lafitte’s clever rhymes ring with a playful sense of fun...The counting rhyme dances along from one to ten with a lilting energy that will delight small children, who will be cheerfully reciting it along with adults after a few readings. Cilia’s gentle watercolours evoke a quiet appreciation of Newfoundland’s flora and fauna. The baby creatures, accurately drawn and with very decided characters of their own, cavort in evocative scenes that speak of the stark beauty of the land." National Reading Campaign
"Author Dwayne LaFitte has produced a beautiful adaptation here, skillfully weaving the sights and sounds of his Newfoundland home into each and every verse and maintaining all the vivacity of the original. Thérèse Cilla’s charming watercolour and ink illustrations are filled with colour and light. Each page radiates a sense of energy and movement, and the sketchy lines lend a soft and whimsical feel to the illustrations." Atlantic Books Today
"[Over by the Harbour] should be a popular purchase for visitors to Newfoundland who wish to bring home a delightful taste of that place" CM Magazine
"LaFitte tells an engaging story that pops with words that will appeal to young children’s ears." New Glasgow News
"Thérèse Cilia’s two-page spread, bold watercolours are a wonderful addition to the text and will encourage readers to count while getting a visual interpretation of the habitat of each of the animals featured. Young children will easily get the rhythm of the text and will be encouraged to participate in the responses of the young animals to their mother’s instructions as well as in counting the young animals as they progress through the book." Resource Links