Maiden From the Sea

Maiden From the Sea
Imprint: Pennywell Books Format: Paperback Pubdate: April 2012

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ISBN-10: 1926881745 ISBN-13: 9781926881744

Each day we begin life, not from where we are, but from where we have been. The mind is life’s most seasoned traveller.

Maiden from the Sea is a breathtaking journey into the life and troubled mindscape of a servant girl from seventeenth-century France. While travelling to destinations unknown, Genevieve Laurier is tossed from the deck of an itinerant vessel and becomes stranded on an island in the middle of the stormy Atlantic. Frightened, she struggles to survive on the dark and mysterious coastline, her only company the two Irish fishermen who rescued her from the deep, a Beothuk warrior who provides her with food and clothing against his tribe’s wishes, and the women who inhabit her dreams.

Genevieve finds comfort in the arms of Nasook, the Beothuk warrior . . . but when she gives birth to his child, the law of man gives chase. Genevieve must take her family and escape these abusive shores—and her increasingly disturbing dreams. But just as she makes her last desperate attempt to elude her pursuers, Genevieve Laurier’s past, present, and future collide in a single revelatory moment that could spell tragedy for her and all that she holds dear.

"Created in a fertile mind, “Maiden from the Sea” tells with great empathy the story of a female caught in the ups and downs of precarious living conditions in a ruthless environment." The Compass
"A wonderful historical romance rich in descriptive imagery and with a modern twist at the end, this lyrical tale has something to please every reader." Edwards Book Club