Into the Night

The Samantha Walsh Story
Into the Night
By: Gordon Walsh Category: General, History
Imprint: Flanker Press Format: Paperback Pubdate: September 2002

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ISBN-10: 1894463285 ISBN-13: 9781894463287

On the evening of February 6, 2000, thirteen-year-old Samantha Walsh left her grandmother’s house for her home not far away. It was the last time she was ever seen alive. In the next eighteen days, residents of Fleur de Lys and visitors from all over Newfoundland joined together in a desperate search for the missing girl. Across the province and the rest of Canada, people held their breath as they waited for any sign of the girl with the little round hair clips. But toward the end, hope turned into fear as with each passing day the people involved in the search grew certain that not only was Samantha Walsh dead, she had been murdered by one of their own.

"The strength of his [Gordon Walsh's] work is in the raw emotion that propels it." New Glasgow Evening News
"The smooth flow of text and progressive action make this piece of fine work a page turner." The Southern Gazette
"An intensely personal account of a community forced to cope with the unthinkable. " Downhome
"The book, unapologetically written by Samantha's uncle, reveals as much about goodness as it does about evil." New Glasgow Evening News
"An extraordinary portrait of how a small, isolated community copes when one of its own perpetrates an unspeakable act. " The Telegram