Emma’s New Game

Emma's New Game
Imprint: Pennywell Books Format: Paperback Pubdate: September 2009

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ISBN-10: 1897317441 ISBN-13: 9781897317440

Emma is getting ready to go partridgeberry picking with her grandparents when she hears a loud thump on the shed roof. Startled, she runs outside to tell her grandfather. Poppy T explains that the noise was caused by a horse chestnut falling from the tree behind the shed. Poppy T teaches Emma the game he used to play with chestnuts, and she decides to try it out for herself. Emma and Poppy T are joined in the shed by Thomas, Jeffrey, and their grandfathers. The battle to be conker champion is on!

Best Books for Kids and Teens 2011 Selection

"Emma's New Game should prove entertaining to the younger set and bring back fond memories to grown-ups who remember playing 'Conkers." The Telegram
"Both Mercer and Nicol bring the island into the book, in the simplest, yet most meaningful ways." Current
"The loving relationships between the generations and the strong sense of community are the major strengths of this book." CM Magazine
"This delightful intergenerational tale will warm the hearts of kids and grandparents alike." Best Books for Kids and Teens 2011