Christmas Treasures

Christmas Treasures
By: Lisa Ivany , Robert Hunt Category: Christmas
Imprint: Flanker Press Format: Paperback Pubdate: October 2008

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ISBN-10: 1897317336 ISBN-13: 9781897317334

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Lisa Ivany and Robert Hunt have produced another memorable collection of short stories. The stories contained herein focus on the Christmas season as it is known to the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. Covering many genres and themes, this book offers something for all readers’ tastes. It deals with a wide variety of subjects, from a teenage girl injured by a high school bully, to a nursing home resident afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, to a mysterious church singer with the voice of an angel. Also included is “Lucky’s Discovery,” the third installment in the trilogy known to Ivany and Hunt’s readers. Readers of all ages will enjoy the Christmas Trivia sections, and for extra flavour, a special Favourite Christmas Recipes section, containing over forty Christmas recipes, has been added at the back of the book.