A Newfoundland Adventure

A Newfoundland Adventure
Imprint: Pennywell Books Format: Paperback Pubdate: July 2014

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ISBN-10: 177117353X ISBN-13: 9781771173537

David is delighted to be spending two weeks of his summer vacation with his cousins Richard and Heather in Little Heart’s Ease. One day while exploring the seashore, the trio comes across a mysterious cave opening. A glow up ahead catches their attention, and they make their way in to investigate. What they find on the other side is a step back in time, complete with a beautiful Irish princess, an infamous sea captain, pirates, a chase through rough seas, and a love story! Join David, Richard, and Heather as they travel through history on a Newfoundland adventure!

"A classic tale, with a hint of Newfoundland brought to life through the eyes of children. The past intercepting with the future, A Newfoundland Adventure is a fun story with complementing pieces of art for every page." Tint of Ink
"As Baker takes us through this story her bold colourful double page illustrations add greatly to the text of the book and bring the story to life for young readers. This book is recommended for young readers in primary and elementary grades, especially those interested in history and it may spark some to dig further into the legend." Resource Links