Gift Guide: Young Readers, May We Introduce You to…

Discover amazing adventures in Newfoundland and Labrador!



Around Newfoundland by Dawn Baker

Gary and his family experience an unforgettable holiday on the picturesque island of Newfoundland. Join them as they travel from Port aux Basques on the west coast to St. John’s on the east. Whales, ponies, beaches, Vikings, and so much more await you in Around Newfoundland!


Bullet the New Steam Engine by Dwayne LaFitte and Thérèse Cilia

All aboard! Join Bullet, a new steam engine, on his first journey across Newfoundland! Bullet the New Steam Engine is a beautiful children’s book that will be treasured by families for years to come.


Over by the Harbour by Dwayne LaFitte and Thérèse Cilia

Inspired by the classic counting rhyme Over by the Meadow, author Dwayne LaFitte and illustrator Thérèse Cilia have created Over by the Harbour, a modern adaptation set in outport Newfoundland and Labrador.


Amelia and Me by Heather Stemp

The year is 1932. The place is Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, where most of the early transatlantic flights take off. Unfortunately, more of them end in tragedy than in success. In spite of the danger, twelve-year-old Ginny Ross longs to be one of these pioneers of flight. But the obstacles to her success are enormous. Who will take a twelve-year-old seriously? Where will she find money for flying lessons at the height of the Depression? Who will try to stop her and who will support her when most pilots at this time are men? Find out in Amelia and Me.


The Secret Life of a Funny Girl by Susan Chalker Browne

In The Secret Life of a Funny Girl, it’s the year of our Lord 1971, and Maureen O’Neill is one of the smartest girls at Fatima Academy. One of the funniest, too. Her teachers don’t like it, but her friends think she’s a riot. But one day her world begins to crumble apart, and Maureen is forced to keep a terrible secret. Meanwhile, the girls are whispering about her, the boys are starting to notice her, and the teachers are driving her crazy.


Amanda Greenleaf by Ed Kavanagh

Amanda Greenleaf is a one-volume edition of the popular Amanda Greenleaf children’s stories, including Amanda Greenleaf Visits a Distant Star, The Spell of the Water Witch, The Boy Magician and, published here for the first time, the concluding story The Journey Home. .