Gift Guide: In Honour of the 100th Anniversary of Beaumont-Hamel

Remembering what they sacrificed…



A Splendid Boy by Melanie Martin

It is the summer of 1914, in A Splendid Boy, when Daniel Beresford’s innocent love affair with the merchant’s daughter is discovered, forcing him to make an impossible decision to save his family from financial ruin. When news of the First World War reaches Middle Tickle, Daniel enlists in the Newfoundland Regiment and departs for training. When Emma learns her father is to blame for Daniel’s unexplained departure, she realizes her only hope of finding Daniel is to join the Voluntary Aid Detachment and make her way to the Western Front.


The Tin Triangle by Linda Abbott

Ron Marrie of St. John’s enlisted with the Newfoundland Regiment in 1914 to join those who were fighting overseas in war-torn Europe. The Tin Triangle follows him through recruitment, training, and his first deadly clash with the enemy at Gallipoli. But that battle would pale in comparison to the fateful morning of July 1, 1916, when Ron and his comrades went over the top to engage the enemy at Beaumont-Hamel.


Beaumont Hamel: Newfoundland Park by Nigel Cave

Supported by maps and photographs, Beaumont Hamel: Newfoundland Park describes the fighting that took place around Beaumont Hamel, one of many villages along the Western Front of World War I.


A Blue Puttee at War by Sydney Frost

A Blue Puttee at War is by far the most complete account of World War I by any member of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Sydney Frost, a young Nova Scotian, was working in St. John’s at The Bank of Nova Scotia when the First World War began in August 1914. He joined the newly revived Newfoundland Regiment on 21 August 1914, the first night that volunteers were accepted. Assigned Regimental Number 58, he became one of the First Five Hundred, often known as the Blue Puttees. He served with the Regiment throughout the entire War, rising from the rank of Private to that of Captain.


Courage at Sea: Newfoundland Sailors in the Great War by Robert C. Parsons

Courage at Sea: Newfoundland Sailors in the Great War is a collection of more than forty World War I stories involving the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve and the Newfoundland merchant seamen who delivered goods to Europe in aid of the Allied war effort.


A Winter’s Tale by Cassie Brown

In A Winter’s Tale Cassie Brown retells in chilling detail the story of the wreck, the rescue, and the enquiry that followed. And she proposes, for the first time, the real reason for this senseless disaster.