Gift Guide: For the Fiction Lover

Want to escape the holiday hustle and bustle? Dive into a good book!

Misunderstood Dog - Small

The True Confessions of a Badly Misunderstood Dog is the heartwarming and hilarious memoir of Durf, a yellow Lab who thinks he is the boss of two cats. In fact, he’s pretty sure he’s the boss of the humans he lives with, too.

A Stroke in Time - small

A Stroke in Time is Gerard Doran’s debut novel. Inspired by true events, this is the tale of the record-breaking Outer Cove rowing crew of 1901. It is a tribute to the everyman hero and a dedication to the outport fishing culture of more than a century ago.

Ghost of the Southern Cross - Small

In The Ghost of the Southern Cross, two childhood friends, Maggie and Elizabeth, are irrevocably joined by their love for one man lost on the Southern Cross, a brother to one and a groom-to-be of the other.

Monster of Twenty Mile Pond

When his niece, Esme, finds herself charged with murder, lawyer Bill McGill sets out to clear her name. To do so he must return to the scene of the crime and learn the truth about The Monster of Twenty Mile Pond.

The Good Doctor - Small

In The Good Doctor, an assembly gathers to listen to a fundraising lecture by the esteemed medical missionary Doctor Wilfred Grenfell. But something is wrong. The man who appears before the audience as “the good doctor” suddenly receives a challenge from the floor. He neither looks, sounds, nor acts like the real Wilfred Grenfell.

Thursday's Storm

When the crew of the fishing schooner Annie Healy left their home port of Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay, on Wednesday, August 17, 1927, no one could have imagined what fate held in store for them. Now, eighty-eight years later, the full story of the ill-fated vessel and her crew is told for the first time in Thursday’s Storm.


Most people in Newfoundland and Labrador have someone in their family who has worked “in the woods.” Some of these workers were employed seasonally—they fished in the summer and headed to the lumber camps in the winter—while others were full-time loggers who worked year-round. Inspired by true events, Camp 13 captures a time and place in this province’s not-too-distant past.


The banking schooner Marion set sail from St. Jacques, Newfoundland, bound for St. Pierre, the home base of Captain Pierre Maurice, on June 10, 1915. The vessel and crew were never seen again. The Loss of the Marion delivers a chilling account of an event that changed the lives of many families . . . and shaped the lives of generations to come.