Gift Guide: Fiction to Escape Into

This winter, curl up with a good book!



Art Love Forgery by Carolyn Morgan

Inspired by true events, Art Love Forgery is a story of forbidden love in nineteenth-century St. John’s, a legend that lives on within the walls and ceilings of Government House.


The People Who Stay by Samantha Rideout

Who says you can’t go home again? Sylvia can’t imagine why anyone would ever try. She had left rural Newfoundland as a scrawny, shy girl who was too smart for her own good. When she dragged herself home for her cousin’s wedding, she couldn’t believe how much had changed—or how much had stayed the same. The People Who Stay is a tale of love and redemption in which the heart of family beats like the relentless tide against the rugged Newfoundland shores.


From a Good Home by Trudi Johnson

In From a Good Home, Hannah Parsons left her home in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, at the age of seventeen to work in service for Charles and Virginia Sinclair, a wealthy St. John’s family. While working for them, Hannah catches the eye of the patriarch of the household, and her life takes an unexpected turn. Now, sixty years later, Charles Sinclair has passed, and his last living will and testament is about to throw his family into turmoil.


Against Her Rules by Victoria Barbour

In Against Her Rules, Elsie Walsh had it all. Or so she thought. Until Scottish hunk Campbell Scott showed up on the doorstep of her bed and breakfast. He’s making it pretty hard for her to stand by her one rule: No sleeping with the guests. She’s denied some of the world’s hottest actors, musicians, and even royals . . . but how can she keep Cam out of her bed, when he’s invaded her head and her heart?


The True Confessions of a Badly Misunderstood Dog by Bill Rowe

The True Confessions of a Badly Misunderstood Dog is the heartwarming and hilarious memoir of Durf, a yellow Lab who thinks he is the boss of two cats. In fact, he’s pretty sure he’s the boss of the humans he lives with, too.


A Stroke in Time by Gerard Doran

Inspired by true events, A Stroke in Time is the tale of the record-breaking Outer Cove rowing crew of 1901, a tribute to the everyman hero, and a dedication to the outport fishing culture of more than a century ago.